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Enter the world of muscular hunks and abusive men who enjoy performing on a gay domination chat, and they will assert dominance over you until you’re turned into an obedient slave.

These masters have their whips at the ready and tight leather pants which make their bulge stand out, so your bones start shivering with fear from the moment you lay eyes on them. They are sadistic to the core and will use whatever is in their power to humiliate you on cam, bondage, dildos, chastity, whatever is in their arsenal, even those big cocks they have will be used, so you can take a good wide-eyed look while worshipping it.

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BDSM Cam Guy

MasterCole is one of those beefy doms who love getting all the attention from desperate gay men, who in return will only get disappointment and humiliation.

He won’t even let you stand, better hurry up and kneel for him because you’re yet to show your obedience. In your sight drops a fat meaty dick of his, and it looks so delicious, he knows how much you would love to get a taste of it, but for now, you’ll just have to worship it.

Tell him how much you’ve been craving one so big, how you would suck it until it reaches full stiffness, and then get it lodged deep inside that hungry bunghole of yours during the gay BDSM cams. He will like it, you will prove yourself as an obedient sub, but maybe it seems too miserable for him, so he has to make you wear a blindfold.

The next stop is to tie you to the chair, hands behind the back, while you wonder what’s going on, thinking some spanks or whipping is coming your way, but he has something much meaner planned out in the gay domination chat. You will take the blindfold off, and see him standing in front of another man, who will get what you’ve been craving for, that able cock, and you can only watch him wrapping that dirty mouth around it.

Like a miserable cuck, you fall into a pit of despair, mourning yourself while watching that stiff prick of your master probing his lover’s puckering bunghole.

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Some masters like DomXavier have a dark aura around them, and their whole demeanor is based on watching you closely and thinking of your next move. He’ll smoke a cigar, puff the smoke in your face, while you’re stripping for him, so he can judge you.

Your cock is a joke, and he’ll make sure to point it out after a long moment of dreadful silence, his laughs ring around in your head, and he just doesn’t stop during the gay domination chat. The very thought of you stroking that dick is sickening to him, and he’ll have to show it just how much he hates it.

Don’t even think of getting excited in front of him, he’ll lock up your cock with a chastity ring, rendering it useless, while preparing to torture your junk. He has some tools at ready, but more than anything he likes flickering them like a pair of pebbles with his fingers.

When they swell up, he’ll make you lay down and stand on your “manhood”, slowly leaning in so you feel the weight of his whole body on it in the gay domination chat. Only after getting satisfied with CBT, he will loosen up and allow you to play with your dick, the trick is in making it hurtful on touch, so you don’t enjoy it as much.

Regardless, you’re drooling all over him, you can feel his alpha hormones in the air, and you’ll gladly rub one out, the way he commands, strokes in one direction, the exact speed he orders, not deviating away from his word. He’ll let you go to the end, but it’s going to be a mix of heaven and hell, you get to release all your nut milk, but in a glass, his final wish is to humiliate you by making you drink all of that semen.

Some masters save the best for last, denying your orgasms is only fun for so long, but watching you wiggle around when they totally deny them is a feeling which feeds their souls.
For spineless cretins like yourself, there are even more torturous scenarios like a sexy cop abusing his prisoner, a coworker blackmailing you into submission, and many more, but you will have to discover them on your own by checking out one of many masters on a gay domination chat that you can have tonight.

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