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The level of power and command a strong gay master can bring to the playing field is worth of admiration and humility of his sub. In time you will surrender all your freedom to him, and he won’t be so gentle towards you, the verbal domination is only the first step towards you being tamed.

A master will make sure you understand your position by berating all and any of your disadvantages, and after that comes the next step. I’m talking of physical domination of course. He might start it with minor things like spanking in one of these gay humiliation cams chat rooms, but it’s just an introduction to much harsher punishments.

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Gay Master Cam

Take BrutalMaster for instance, he’s sexy and muscular, but also ruthless, his goal is to prove just how much of an alpha male he is by humiliating you in different ways. You will place yourself under his command without much hesitation, his sexy body is the catalyst for your desires, which lures you into his twisted play.

You’ll have to strip down in front of him, every bit of your clothing, so he can scan you, top to bottom. He’s got a lot to see, or in your case, not much. That baby dick is a laughing stock, and you will very well be able to hear his laughs during online cam chats, all while pointing towards that disgusting thing between your legs.

Don’t even think of covering it, let your shame out in the open, it’s too late to hide it, and you’re going to be punished anyway. He’ll collar you like a pup, make you wear a tailed buttplug so you resemble a dog while sucking on a fat dildo so you get a taste of a proper cock, you know, the thing real men have. This is how a proper humiliation should look like.

Now that you’ve realized what a joke of a man you are, he’s going to make you suffer in front of the cam. You’ll get on your knees and worship his schlong, big and firm, unlike your flaccid maggot. He’ll make sure you remember him for times to come by getting a big “Micropenis” written on your abdomen, so you have a reminder of your hideousness.

If you’re having trouble with your body image, then DomTaylor will reinforce that feeling of self-deprecation. He’ll gladly, with a whip in his hands, command you to take off your shirt so he can see what kind of a piglet you really are. He is a live chat master that specializes in humiliating subs like you.

In his eyes, you’re a tub of lard, a useless creep who can barely roll out of his bed, and he’ll make sure you know it by yelling at you in a scary, deep voice. He’ll make you confess all your embarrassing secrets, the times you got called a fat slob on the street, or whenever someone berated you, and he’ll make you live through them once again.

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You will oink for him, while crawling on all fours on the floor, and sniffing your toilet seat, and licking it. After that, you will have to go outside and roll in the mud because that’s what makes real pigs happy.

All dirty and brought to the edge of tears, you will have to complete your training by wearing girly lingerie, preferably pink, so he can spank you as if you’re an overweight sissy hooker on the gay humiliation cams chat. Bent over with that booty exposed, he will leave marks on it as a tramp stamp, and maybe he’ll throw in a couple of strikes with a whip as well.

It’s not over until he is totally in control, your dick locked up in a chastity device, so there are no sudden movements in your new panties. You will have to wear it until he decides to hand you over the key, day and night, unable to even get stress relief by jerking off, you simply don’t deserve any of it.

No matter what kind of a dominator your master is, his goal is to turn you into an obedient slave who will blindly follow every demand after he gets broken. Even if you think highly of yourself, they are here to domesticate you through their means of mental humiliation so they can enjoy watching you perform various degrading tasks in a gay BDSM webcam chat on the site.

If you need a dominating gay man to guide you through humiliation journeys and turn you into his faithful follower, then these powerful studs will be just the right fit for you and your masochistic desires.

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