Gay Chastity Cams

The life of a slave is that of a long-term dedication towards the craft of pleasing your master and obeying his orders. What better way to prove you’re faithful to him than placing your dick in a steel cage and locking it down? It might last for a better part of a session on these gay chastity cams, or you could even wear it for days, and then finally get released once you come back to him crawling.

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Gay Chastity Cams

There is always that feeling of arousal when you’re getting teased, a tingle that goes through your body, and it’s bottled up because of a chastity device. But the moment you take it off, that dick of yours is going to get rock hard, and cumming is so much more intense, that all the delays will be worth it tenfold.

MaxAphan1993 is a super muscular guy who will make you shiver at the sight of his body. He’s an alpha, if you looked at the true meaning of that word, his picture would be right next to it. So what do you do? Do you kneel? Do you worship his body? Not really, you never make moves on your own, he’s the one making orders here.

You listen to his deep voice as he commands you to strip down, and you do it without question. Bit by bit, you’re getting exposed, and there you are, not even half a man he is. For what it’s worth he won’t laugh at you during this male bondage video chat, instead, you’ll be undermined, and forced to lick his boots like a frail little sissy he observes you as.

Then the big moment comes, he tells you to put on a chastity device on your cock, and dress up in feminine lingerie. Pink panties, dolled-up face, everything he needs to humiliate you. Then he makes you suck on a dildo, which, coincidentally, is as big as his, thick, long, everything a slut like you would happily swallow.

You know what’s coming, he’s going to bend you over and fuck your tight ass. You’ll feel him deep inside you, every thrust that goes further, spreading your bunghole like it never has been. Your throbbing cock struggling with the tightness of cold hard steel around it, but he will let you take it off. Even a tiny moment is enough, a couple of strokes, and you’ll be busting your load right after him.

There’s certainly no feeling like a mature gay man governing over when and if you’re going to use your cock. Especially if he’s hotmetalboy, an American type of bad guy, the one who’s about to tease you and then make things tough for you. He’s making himself comfortable, performing a striptease, caressing his nipples, trying to get you all worked up.

You play along, repeat after him, but not for long. This sexy daddy is talking you into locking down your cock for him. You’re thinking it’s all a part of the kink, he wants to get you horny like never before while you are having a live chastity webcam session, and then let you jizz when things get heated between you two, and you would be very wrong.

That thing will stay for a long time, he’s even going to roleplay some blackmailing, where you’ll do all kinds of things for him. Lick the toilet seat, put a tailed buttplug in your behind, even bark if needed, because you’re his little bitch. Night after night you’re there with him, watching this guy jerk off, and the moment he’s finished you’re sent back, still with your dick in chastity.

But your hopes won’t be in vain, after being aroused for so long, teased, spanked, and doing filthy stuff to please him, he will let you have some fun. You unlock yourself and start stroking under his guidance, slow and steady, then fast and hard, all until you’re reaching an orgasm. 

He never goes through, ruins it so many times, too many to count, and now your nuts are the size of a grapefruit. Eventually, you’re back to wearing a chastity device, commanded to come back again next time and maybe you cum if you try harder to please him first.

There’s something so incredibly rewarding about not being able to cum no matter what, and then releasing all the pent-up sexual energy that makes you tremble. Then again if you’re submissive, you know the feeling of putting someone else’s sadistic desires before yourself, you’re the guy who just does what he’s told.

It’s for the better, the alpha males on these gay chastity cams have a thorough understanding of pleasure, and you will reach yours. The thrills they provide are unlike anything else you have witnessed on your skin, the shakes, the trembles, it’s just that kind of an orgasm you savor after wearing a chastity device.

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