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If you’ve ever fantasized of being a slave to a heterosexual dom, then you’ll know how hard actually it would be to find one, almost close to impossible. Not anymore, with straight master cams you can get exactly that type of a hunk to control your cock, spank you, and make you his little bitch.

They will call you a useless faggot, utilizing his filthy vocabulary until you’re demoralized, and accept your role as a servant so he can use you and abuse you. If you’ve thought of getting off under their command, then think again because your primary purpose is to please him, not the other way around.

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Gay Dominant Cam

MisterMega firmly believes that his slaves shouldn’t be allowed to get any pleasure, but he does like watching them squirm from excitement like helpless worms. His meaty prick will draw your attention, the way it’s bulging under his clothes looks more than perfect, you would just wish to get a taste of it.

He likes the attention, especially when it comes from a drooling gay slave, and you will already be on your knees, worshipping his glorious prick during the straight master webcam chat. All the submissive behavior is making him hard, and he will have to whip it out and show you what a real hard dick looks like.

The erection won’t be one-sided, you will also get a raging hard-on, the only difference is you aren’t allowed to touch yours. No matter how much you beg for mercy, he doesn’t have to allow it, this guy doesn’t break, but he can bend, only if he gets something out of it.

Of course, what better way to punish someone than letting them jerk off, but always ruining the orgasm. All the teasing, the build-up, domination, everything leads to that one moment, and no matter how many times you get close to an orgasm, just one stroke away, he will ruin it and watch you suffer even more.

Some straight masters are going to turn you into their sissies on the live cams, so you at least look like something a bit more bearable. DomDante is one of those men, and his chiseled body is a reason more to follow his instructions, not like you can resist adoring this man anyway.

He will be stern while commanding, rushing you to put on a skimpy dress, some make-up, and a beautiful blonde wig. You will have to slip on some sexy stockings and high heels as a final touch, oh, and let’s not forget about a chastity lock, your miserable prick is just an obstruction.

You’ll have to act like a total slut, dancing for him, seducing, and when he thinks it’s time, you will get bent over and spanked. It won’t be your usual, romantic kind of light spanking, he will want to see that ass get all swollen up, for which a leather belt is the best choice.

You’ll be collared and held on a leash like a dog, made to eat out of a bowl like one, and spat on if you make a wrong move, maybe even forced to lick a toilet seat for punishment in this webcam session. You might get all excited when he tells you to take off the chastity, but this straight master is only doing so to torture your cock and balls with clips.

No matter what, you are his sissy slut, a trashy tramp who isn’t even worthy of being used as a cum bucket because that’s what you would actually like, the only thing a faggot like you deserves is to be punished by a superior straight man.

Everything you’ve dreamt of is right here, the harsh hetero masters, their sexy bodies, and rigorous tactics for domination, all you have to bring in is a desire to become a slave. Everything that happens from the moment you enter straight master cams, is up to your overlord, he owns you.

Are you ready to be mistreated? Of course you are, so pick a heterosexual hunk you’re having hots for, and let him control every bit of your body on a live private chat.

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