Gay Foot Domination Cams

If your deepest desire involves the feet of a harsh master who is skilled at using them to tease and take authority, then you are at the right place to meet one. He would make you sniff his sweaty soles and then lick them, leaving a salty taste in your mouth, and you would tell him all about how great of a feeling it is.

You need the gay foot domination cams to feed your endless hunger for master’s toes, and only he can decide whether or not you’re worthy of seeing them. The only possible way is to worship your master and make him proud of what an obedient feet-adoring slave you are.

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Gay Foot Domination Cams

Evan_hardcore loves wearing heavy boots, primarily because petty manlets like you aren’t able to see what’s underneath, but also because he loves busting nuts with them. His big shoes indicate that he’s got enormous feet, which comes as no surprise considering he’s 6 ft 7 in tall.

First, you’ll have to bow down before him and stick your head closer to the boots, taking a lick in a live fetish chat. Make them squeaky clean, don’t forget to thoroughly lick the bottom as well, he doesn’t want you to miss a spot.

If you’ve done your job right, he will make you lay down on the floor nude, with your junk exposed and harmful. He might just lightly lean onto your cock, but will put more weight behind it as the time passes, agonizing you, and making you suffer like never before.

He will then take off the heavy boots, order you to stand up, and take a swing with his bare leg, striking you directly in the nuts. Now that you’ve felt the pain, put your dick in the chastity cage and hand him over the key, while he sticks the feet in your face to tease you on these gay domination webcams, and mocking you for having that miserable cock locked down.

Does the scent of sweaty feet get you rock hard? You can imagine sniffing on a pair which just got finished with a 10-mile run, and they belong to an athletic MasterAnderson. Although he loves to see you squirm from the sight of sweaty feet, he’s going to tease you first.

The catch is in not allowing you to touch your dick, and for that reason alone he will have to restrain you. He’s going to slowly take off the sneakers, and then the sweat-drenched socks until you get to see his toes.

Gay Foot Domination Webcam Chat

He will make you kneel and watch as he wiggles the toes, and then takes a sniff himself, driving you crazy for not being the one doing so in the gay foot domination cam session. It’s time he takes a dildo and plays with it a bit, performing a footjob and jerking off in front of you, and you can only imagine how tough it is to just watch, without being able to take action.

No matter how much you beg him to let you stroke, he won’t allow it, the joy is in denying the inferior men any pleasure. When the moment comes and reaches an orgasm, you will watch all that tasty semen getting applied on his feet, rubbed all over them, and yet you can’t even be allowed to lick his manly feet.

Your primary job is to make the foot master proud by complying with his desires, be it if you have to suffer physically, or just mentally through endless teasing. They can also demand you wash their feet, or just use you as a stool to rest them on you after a long day.

Every alpha male on these gay foot domination cams is capable of using your fetish against you and turning you into their slave, just remember that they can punish you even harsher if you’re not complying.

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