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For all of you sissies and faggots out there, we have a special treat prepared in a form of sadistic masters who take pleasure in having authority over the likes of you on the cams online. Weaker men are the soul food for their superiors, who will take you for a run, performing harsh tasks, and get you humiliated before being allowed to even touch that miserable prick.

Do you have what it takes to go face to face on the live gay master chat, with the strictest dom you’ve ever met? If your answer is yes, then it’s fair you get a taste of what’s to come.

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Gay BDSM Webcam Chat

Meet ViolentWyatt, you can already guess what kind of a master he is by reading his name, and it won’t be long before you feel it on your skin. Muscular, tall, and rocking a tight leather outfit, he’s everything you could wish for from a man which makes him much more dangerous.

From the get-go, he will demand you strip down and stand with hands behind your back while that miserable prick you’ve got gets inspected while having the live gay chat with this master. No surprise, you’ve got nothing to brag about down there, which is why you are already doused in sweat from embarrassment.

Looks like we’ve got another sissy on our hands, and sissies don’t get to use their cock. The only cure for your disadvantage is a punishment, and he likes to do it with weights around your balls and a rubber band around the base of your dick.

While it’s making you suffer, you will do your make-up, and put on a pink dress to look like a real slut in the live gay master chat. We all know what sluts do, they ride big dicks and enjoy every moment of it. You will bend over for him and get that ass plowed deep, until your asshole gapes, and then he will leave, stranding you alone, looking like a cheap cum-guzzling hooker.

Some masters get inventive when dominating, and DomAiden is one of them for sure. His posture and thick facial hair really instill fear in bones, to the point you’re going to follow orders just so he wouldn’t lash out at you. If he demands you kneel, you do it.

If he makes you sniff his socks and lick his shoes, you do it as well. Maybe this master likes your obedience and turns you into his pet, a dog who knows no better but to blindly believe his master. You will bark just like one, eat out of a bowl and crawl on the floor, all while wiggling with your tailed buttplug.

Everything you do will be to please him, and he might not be satisfied, you have a lot to show for, even if it includes spanking and nipple clamping during the live gay BDSM webcam. Only after are you allowed to jerk off your cock, but he will control even that, the direction of your strokes, the speed, every little twitch of your muscle.

Don’t think it’s over once you cum, he can only be satisfied by ultimate humiliation, making you eat that load of cum that is jizzed out. He can demand you straight-up drink it from a cup, or you will have to use it in a coffee or some meals, whatever makes you suffer more.

These doms will make use out of every item you have in your house, TV remotes, wine bottles, candles, all can be used to spread your tight ass if you don’t have toys on you. When you find an alpha male whose obedient bitch you’re going to be, then make sure to leave your ego behind, because he’s going to take advantage of you in every way, shape, and form.

You may think that you’re prepared for the live gay master chat, which may not be true, but you can’t ever tell unless you try them out for yourself.

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